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HUT is a mobile museum.
HUT is also the decor for performances.

HUT is a mobile museum, an installation of 2,5m x 2,5m x 2,5m (8ft). Inside are viewing-boxes that show bizarre collections or are like small theatres with poetic scenes. Visitors to this cabin museum land in the world of a collector who selects, orders, rearranges and reassembles all sorts of things. In this way new things come into existence, telling new tales. The collector catches these tales into boxes. Visitors get entry to the stories by pushing buttons, swinging handles or by simply opening a box.

From 2000 until the summer of 2002 the mobile museum was a part of a series of performances and object theatre. During every performance, a different landscape was grown from objects that were produced by strict - but absurd- actions of the performers. During the performance, visitors get entry to the museum, and become part of the performance.

Museum HUT was made by Barbara Damen

Co- operators:
Anja Pinckaers, Pauline Hoeboer, Conchita Rink, Marina Trisic, Charlie Crooymans


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