Werkplaats RUIM does installations and performances in specific locations under the title "PLEK" (a Dutch word for place, spot).

The project PLEK concentrates on an area as a starting point for performances and living installations. During every performance, starting from the possibilities of the location, a different installation/landscape develops around one or more performers. When the performers step out of their installation, the surroundings have changed. The aim is to add a new story, a new meaning to the site.

PLEK was recently carried out in the catacombs of Theater de Kolk in Assen, NL as part of the image-theater festival Summertrip 2005. Performance, light/sound objects, animated films and video performances formed a poetic, absurdist world.

Mussel-butterflies in your stomach,
fishing for saltwater babies,
the echo of a pounding heart,
and the art of milking!

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