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An installation and performance by Werkplaats RUIM.

CLOCK shows a bizarre world that tickles the imagination. A cyclical story without words, a journey that starts where it ends. In a surprising cupboard full of little shutters and ingenious mechanical devices, small visual stories are told with found objects. The cupboard is manned by a pair of hands who never reveal their owner. Hands that not only work the mechanical devices but are characters as well in absurd and poetic events. …. summer horizon, passing the hot-water-bottle-fish that is fished from a sea of tears cried by a gypsy child, passing a house that claps its wings and migrates to run from the slow and icy mechanism of the winter and passing a fresh egg that is washed with love during the spring-cleaning, passing…

CLOCK wants to be a poetic object in public space to surprise and approach people who pass by. CLOCK can appear on a busy square, a station hall, shopping centre or just along a path in the woods.

installation & performance: Barbara Damen

with the co-operation of:
Anja Pinckaers, Conchita Rink en Andrea Maussen

Photos: Mirjam Verschoor



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