Window Gallery

The art-window can be viewed daily until 10 pm.

in the Tolstraat / corner Diamantstraat Amsterdam.

Werkplaats RUIM is building an Observatory, a growing, fragile, poetic world
which you can look at in different ways.

In the art-window you can daily view a installation with photos, drawings, objects and films.
The installation changes seasonally and also invites you to take a walk along the garden and through the neighbourhood.

The Observatory arose out of an interest in natural forms, processes,
organisms and systems. How do we achieve a healthy organization in which there is room for
the human dimension, personal freedom, multiform, diversity and sustainability?


hours of scorched clay
feet to the end
dive into hiding

then whirl
take a breath
in melting sand


singing ice
breaks light

A video installation by Barbara Damen / Werkplaats RUIM
for the SET # NET exhibition 'Land End'
at Kunsthal 45, Den Helder, the Netherlands

15 installations made by SET#NET
to be seen from Sunday 27 October to Sunday 15 December 2019
opening times: Thursday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm
Koningsstraat 43-45, 1781 KC Den Helder

Participating artists: Mirjam Berloth - Barbara Damen - Ester Eva Damen -
Adrian Faes / Katherina Pohlman - Mareke Geraedts - Vera de Groot - Thea Jentjes -
Martine de Jong - Jaqueline Kooter - Batiaan Meijer - Marja van Putten -
Boudewijn Ruckert - Hermine Stam - Annechien Verhey - Wim Vonk

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'Lands End' is about loss, comfort and hope.
Does the environment survive humans
or does humans survive the environment


While my feet
explore the landscape
the earth like a circus ball
my heel kicks away pressure
my toes allure time
now I float to land

A video installation by Barbara Damen / Werkplaats RUIM
for the SET # NET exhibition TRANSIT
in the baggage hall of Loods 6 in Amsterdam

4 February - 6 April 2018
the Depot, window gallery of the la Jetee foundation
Rustenburgerstraat 385, de Pijp Amsterdam

This installation is the last of a series in which 13 artists of SET#NET made installations in which life on the street,
the narrow shop window and the previous installation were the starting point. From February 2016, there were installations in succession
on display from Wim Vonk, Mirjam Berloth, Annechien Verhey, Boudewijn Ruckert, Koos van der Elsen, Hermine Stam, Mareke Geraedts,
Marja van Putten, EsterEva Damen, Rob Visje, Martine de Jong, Jacqueline Kooter, Barbara Damen



Werkplaats RUIM builds an observatorium, a growing, breakable, poetic world, that pop's up at various sites.
It's an ambiguous world, you can look at it in many ways.
The observatorium came into being out of an interest of natural forms, organisms and systems.
How do we reach a healty organisation with space for human scale, personal freedom,
multiform, diversity and sustainability?

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